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New Starship Console Clock Available!

I just uploaded a new Analog Clock Widget to go with my Starship Console themes. Particularly enjoyed making this one. I wanted to make a clock which was complex, with plenty of depth but also legible at the same time. Very happy with the final product. The holographic style looks great and allows the background image to show though in certain areas. Check it out below.



Looked at a lot of different analog clicks as referefence material. Some good ones collected below


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Mythical Cartography, The Artistry of Maps by $techgnotic on deviantART

A good article about cartography at Deviantart if your interested in maps. A range of maps in different presentation styles to view and buy.


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Hello world!

‘The Ideas Factory’ is an archive for my thoughts and ideas, a place to document my creative projects and showcase the inspirational work of my peers across the world. I hope you enjoy!

About me:

– I’m an Architect
– I appreciate all things creative
– I develop android themes
– I read a lot
– I have trouble switching off

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